The ability to do research depends on the availability of suitable products, from advanced microscopes to cameras, lenses, dyes, software and hardware. It is therefore essential that researchers and imaging facility staff have a clear and transparent communication channel to a wide range of companies in the field. This informs the companies about the current trends in research, thereby supporting the development of the necessary tools and materials needed for research to progress. With this in mind the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EBIB) was established; to act as a collaborative platform between imaging companies and the Euro-BioImaging community resulting in a mutually beneficial outcomes allowing research to progress unhindered. 

By working as a single, professional entity and supported by the EBIB Coordinator, EBIB proactively drives the interaction between the imaging industry, European researchers and the imaging facilities linked to Euro-BioImaging. There are currently 14 members of the EBIB and these members welcome all companies working in the imaging field to join the Board. For more information visit the website and/or contact the Coordinator.